Explore glasses that flatter your face shape!

Recognize your face shape and find most flattering frames with our recommendations.
A Square face typically has equally wide forehead,
cheekbones and jaw. Round, oval and cat-eye styles add softness to angular
face shape.
A round face doesn’t have prominent cheekbones, so angular frames,
like rectangle, square and geometric frames, balance your soft features and
face shape.
An oval face is proportionally balanced with slightly wider
cheekbones and softly curved jawline. Almost all frame styles look perfect on
oval faces.
A heart-shaped face has a broader forehead with a narrower chin.
Aviator , cat-eye , round , and square styles visually narrow the forehead and add softness to your face shape.
Triangle faces get balance from browline and semi-rimless glasses.
A triangle face tends to have a broader jawline with a narrow forehead, and
get balance from browline , aviator , and square styles.
A diamond-shaped face features prominent cheekbones with a
narrower forehead and an angular jawline. Round , rectangle , and aviator styles bring balance and flatter your face.